September 14th

Rome, Italy

w/ Alvin Curran

Parco dell'Appia antica


September 24th - to TBA

Caos, Museo

Terni, Italy


October 4th

Budapest, Hungary

Trafo Festival Performance and installation


October 9th -January 4th 2015

MIT List Center

Boston MA

Exhibtion and performance with David Grubbs at 'Open Tunings'


October 25th,

Galerie West

Den Hague, NL at West Haven


June 7th through November 1st

caramoor festival

katonah, new york

caramoor festival



November - Midwest dates TBA



July 25th to September 7th

Skanu Mesz, Latvia

Opening and Performance

Jan. 30th - March 30th 2014

Luma Foundation

March 15th and 16th

Mexico City, Mexico

El Nicho Aural

march 27th

commissioned piece for the string orchestra of brooklyn

january 27th

berlin, germany ctm festival - solo w/ installation and performing with valerio tricoli and phill niblock

january 31st

london, uk

victoria & albert museum - friday late - boiler room

february 4th

milan, italy-


february 5th

geneva, switzerland

cave 12

february 6th,

brussels, belgium

les ateliers claus

february 7th

antwerp, belgium

february 8th

aalst, belgium

drums and friends






September 17, 2014

Exhibition with David Grubbs at MIT List Center...

Exhibition with David Grubbs at MIT List Center — sound art’s pedigree goes back to the pre-war avant-garde experiments of Futurism and Dada, it has until very recently received sporadic attention in museum and gallery exhibitions. Inherently about time and change, invisible and uncontainable, sound is in fact in some ways antithetical to conventional forms of display. Sound is also interdisciplinary: It overlaps withboth the performing arts, including experimental music, and the visual arts,where sound art emerged more fully in the 1960s alongside a range of other process-based forms including body and land art, video and film. 

Open Tunings
 seeks to provide an experimental platform to explore the various ways in which the ephemeral forms of sound and performance can inhabit the exhibition space. Borrowing its title from a guitar technique by which the instrument is tuned to be strummed with “open,” that is unfretted, strings, this exhibition will present three consecutive, changing installations in sound and brings together David Grubbs & Eli KeszlerBrendan Fowler, and Hannah Weinberger.  Each project was conceived for the exhibition and takes its point of departure from a performance in the List’s Reference Gallery, followed by the presentation of audio or video recordings or objects used during the event. In both live and ongoing formats, the works variously examine the relationships between architectural space and spatial sound, presence and absence, liveness and recording, improvisation and script.

May 1, 2014

Modern Painters Magazine -  May 2014 Issue

Modern Painters Magazine - 

May 2014 Issue

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